This post was originally published on 1 October 2019.

Hello, friends!

I’ve been fighting the universe a lot lately. I’ve had a near-constant coating of hives all over my body for almost 4 months now (since about June 10th) and no matter how many antihistamines are in me, they won’t go away.

It’s all good most days, just itchy. Hives itch. Badly. But then there are times that I get a pain in my throat and chest that I call the Stick, named so because it feels like someone is trying to ram a stick down my throat. I can’t take any painkillers except Tylenol, and I’d have to overdose on Tylenol in order to get that to go away. It goes away on its own eventually, but Tylenol doesn’t help a bit. It helps a lot at times to think “this is how it is, this is how it must be”, but then there are times when you want something to make it go away. Here’s where today’s recipe comes in. As my spiritual journey has progressed over the years, I’ve felt inspired by herbs. This is where a good deal of my power will be, I believe. I want to heal with herbs.

I drink an anti-inflammatory tea of my own making that helps keep the Stick at bay, but it must be consumed regularly and it likely won’t avert a crisis if the crisis is already there. The ingredients in the tea are turmeric, ginger, and red pepper, so if you don’t enjoy things with a kick, you might not enjoy it. It’s helpful to throw a pot on if you feel pain coming on but it’s not quite there yet. Gingerol in ginger, curcumin in turmeric, and capsaicin in red pepper all have anti-inflammatory properties. Another fun fact: capsaicin makes peppers spicy!

Here’s the recipe, done in ratios, or parts:

Anti-Inflammatory Spicy Tea

2 parts ginger, cut and dried
1 part turmeric, cut and dried
1/2 part red pepper flakes

Combine all in your favorite loose leaf tea infuser and let
brew in boiling water as long as desired. It will become
spicier the longer it sits. Pour into cups and drink up!

Enjoy your day! Stay cool!