Hey, all! I’m sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday! I was out of the house from 8:45 AM until midnight and I cannot currently post from my phone. I will do better about time management. Let’s not linger here much longer. I’m here to talk about a much more joyful activity – blending tea for other people.

Yesterday was my husband’s and my date/run around town day, and we ended up making it an extended double date with our friends, another couple. They’re awesome. We went to an 80s-themed party that night and I played keep-away with balloons like I was a little kid. I love keep-away. My husband and one of our friends joined in and it was hilarious.

Fireside Books and The Boreal Herbal

Before all of this went down, my husband took me to a bookstore called Fireside Books where I got a book called the Boreal Herbal. It’s all about foraging for and harvesting herbs that grow in our area. I was interested, so I got it. It’s about the size of a small textbook and contains plant profiles, recipes, and other things to do with the herbs you find. I thought it was frickin’ cool, so I bought it.

I’ve started marking up the book and making it my own! Don’t worry, though, I still am creating tea blends with dried herbs. I ran out of chamomile yesterday creating a blend for a friend. It contained jasmine, chamomile, honeysuckle, lemongrass, vervain, and lemon. It was a hit.

Blending tea for a friend.
The blend in question.

Blending Tea Is A Joy

I love handcrafting blends for people. It’s a very special process, one that’s as personal and unique as the person I’m making the blend for. I love smelling the tea blend as it comes together. This last blend was heavenly. My friend she could taste the jasmine sweetness at the end of a sip. Seeing people’s reactions to the blends I make them mean a lot to me, even if their reactions are negative. I really need to start keeping a log of the recipes on note cards as I work on them.

I find that it’s easier to blend in larger quantities if I want to be able to replicate them. Of course, there are times when I just want tea, so I pour some herbs into a pot and they are yummy. If I want to really treat it like science, though, I need to be more careful about documenting recipes as I come up with them.

I’m so glad that I texted another friend a recipe for the blend I made for someone who really enjoyed theirs. It was:

Hibiscus + lemongrass + allspice + cinnamon + peppermint (a tiny bit).

There, now it’s written down. I just need to write down the ratios. I’ll get to that the next time I make the blend.


If you want a recipe of your very own, please email me and I’ll get on that. My email is orderindiscord@outlook.com.

I’m currently out of hibiscus and chamomile, so that might slow things down. Write to me, though!

Love, E


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