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Card Readings and Reconnecting With Guides

Hello, friends! I finally rejoined my favorite Discord server after about a month’s absence and started getting caught up again. I went over to the Divination section where someone was doing oracle readings. I asked the reader why my guides leave when I get sad. The things that stick out the most from this conversation I had with the other people on the server were:

  • The guides aren’t going anywhere, I could be pushing them away
  • Communication with any being is a two-way street
  • It’s a process to learn to communicate with them because they’re always there when I need them, it’s just me coming and going. 

Then someone said something that blew my mind a little bit. They use their oracle cards to ask questions they would normally ask their guides. Before today, I hadn’t read my cards in about a month, nor had I spoken to my guides in almost that same amount of time. My guides seem to go away when I get sad. It seemed like they were some sort of fair-weather friends, but it’s really a problem on my end, I think. I don’t listen to their guidance when I’m sad because they’re often trying to encourage me. When I’m in that dark place, I don’t think I deserve encouragement. I start to think that their guidance is all lies. It turns out, though, that I’m the one lying to myself.

Lying To Myself

I told my husband last night that I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve to be happy, and he was utterly appalled. I don’t quite remember his exact words, but he said something like, “don’t let anything convince you you don’t deserve to be happy. The world is dreary enough as it is without feeling you don’t deserve happiness.” I agree with him. I’ve spent a very long time thinking that I don’t deserve happiness, and that’s a lie. I’m my own worst enemy. This has caused my guides to back off a lot, or me to back away from them. As stated before, they seem like liars when I’m hating myself, and that’s unfair to everyone involved. 

As a human being, I deserve happiness when it comes. I’ve given myself enough crap for being happy. It does more harm than good. My happiness looks different than others’. I think it’s because I’m happy while people around me are upset/sad/angry at times and I feel like I should join them so as to not incur their wrath upon me. I believed that I didn’t deserve it because those around me were having a hard time and that I should feel guilty about being happy because I wasn’t doing as many hard things as them. I felt like I should be doing more hard things in my life. Because of that, I believed wholeheartedly that I didn’t deserve happiness. 

Deserving Happiness

I still think I should be doing more hard things, but tricking myself into believing that I don’t deserve happiness is completely harmful and disruptive to the process of learning to do these hard things! What is there to work for if I tell myself I don’t deserve to be happy? What’s the point if all I deserve is sorrow? Isn’t there more to life than despair? Don’t joy and sorrow go hand in hand? Missing out on one or the other is missing out on the full range of emotions and killing off a crucial part of the human existence. Happiness is something we all deserve. It’s part of life. 

With that knowledge, I got out my deck of handmade oracle cards and drew three of them – the Atrium, the Deity, and the Ideal. I don’t know if I have ever discussed the oracle deck here, so I’ll do so now. 

My Oracle Deck

My Oracle deck isn’t Tarot, though it works in a similar way. Each of the cards has a meaning. When combined with other cards, their meanings take on new depths. Some combinations are harder to discern than others, but they almost always make sense in the end. I came up with the symbols one night at 2 AM when I was strangely awake. 

The Atrium, the Deity, and the Ideal

The cards in this sequence are the Atrium, the Deity, and the Ideal. I did this reading to try and learn more about a guide who recently showed up to help me with cooking, so as I pulled the cards, I asked them about the nature of this guide. My answer was something like this:

The Atrium represents upward growth. It’s a card of light and hope. Pulling this card means the promise of progress, of a new path, especially when paired with the Ideal, another card of looking up, of hope, of light. The Ideal means that there are high hopes to be had. There’s also an air of new beginnings here, which really stuck out to me considering the discussion of happiness I’ve been having.  Finally, there’s the Deity, which represents long-sight, thinking long-term or eternally, and patience. 

The New Guide

Within the context of this question and the answer the cards gave, I would venture to say that this new kitchen guide is very wise and patient, able to see things I cannot. I think they’re there to help me be happy long-term, not just as I’m hurling insults at the dishes I’m cleaning or cooking something tasty. 

I think they’re also someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of while I’m doing kitchen-type things. I’ve needed somebody like that for a little bit. I think they’re very old, as well. They’ve been around the block a time or two at this point. I think they’re here to teach me how to be a happier person. 

The thing is, I’m sure they’ve been here for longer than I’ve given them credit for because I have felt intuitively guided towards certain ingredients. Somehow I know exactly how much of each ingredient to put in the dishes I make, too. 

I don’t think my guides have left. I think they’re very much alive and well, I’ve just been caught in a self destructive cycle where I haven’t been able to hear what they have to say. I’m coming out of it and learning more about my guides at the same time. 

Thank you for reading!


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How To Celebrate The Birthday Of A Spirit

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Hey, all! It’s my dad’s birthday today, October 11. He died in 2016 and I’m still trying to work through it all. One of the questions I’ve been asking myself in the last few days is “How do I celebrate his birthday if he’s a spirit now?”

If I’m honest, I didn’t have a plan going into this post. My cousin put it best. He said that my dad would not have wanted me to be sad. Instead, he would want us to go launch some fireworks and have fun. So that’s exactly what I think I should write about today. I’m writing from personal experience, so take what you will from it!

The Nature Of Spirits

The first thing I want to talk about is the very concept of spirits. I strongly believe that those who have passed on are still around. I believe that my dad is even my husband’s spirit guide. It’s a firm belief of mine that my dad watches over the entire family, but over my love specifically. I hoped that he would be my spirit guide, but I got enough of his guidance while he was alive. It’s time for him to guide my husband, and he has!

The spirits of those who have died leave us signs and even talk to us! It’s a belief of mine that if we acknowledge them, they will communicate more. So for my dad’s birthday, I am going to first make a special effort to reach out to him today.

Things to Do On Birthdays

It would be cool if I could light off some fireworks in his honor, but it is snowing (yes, snowing!!) outside and there are many trees in the area, so…bad idea all around. I want to light a candle today instead, even if just for a moment. I might put some of my essential oil blend that reminds me of him in my diffuser instead if candles don’t work. It has a green light setting, the color of the candle I got for him.

Food To Celebrate

Another thing I want to do to celebrate is birthday is eat good food. He loves oatmeal cookies, but I don’t know if I can eat oatmeal on keto. I don’t think I can. He loved to make peanut butter cookies, so I might eat a lot of peanut butter because I ate all the eggs yesterday…whoops. Cookies are out. We also have a saute packet with garlic chicken, so I will cook that today and set an intention with it. I also want to brew some tea and prepare it in his honor.

I also think music is a part of it. His favorite band was the Police and he also loved U2, the Decemberists, and the Waterboys. I sang “Drowning Man” by U2 at his funeral. Here it is for reference:

I love U2 as well. There might be a marathon a few of their albums today in his honor, although “Drowning Man” makes me cry.

As part of my craft, I love to cook things that my ancestors loved to cook. Someday I’d love to get on my Mimi’s level and cook lobster mac and cheese. She actually made that and it was delicious. My dad’s specialty was chili. I want to make all of the food they cooked. My Mimi even made coffee perfectly. I hope she guides my cooking someday.

But what if the spirit is someone you had a hard relationship with while they were alive? What if you barely knew them as a living person?

How To Celebrate The Birthday of A Spirit Who Was Hard To Love – Or How Not To

My take on this is a possibly controversial one. I believe that if you had a bad relationship with someone who is now a spirit while they were alive, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to celebrate them on their birthday. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Nobody should make you do so. It’s kind of the same thing as people trying to get you to interact with family that you feel uncomfortable around. That’s unacceptable on all counts. If you love and care about the spirit, celebrate them. If you feel uncomfortable around or angry at the spirit, don’t bother celebrating or even take steps to banish them. It is up to you. Always. Thank you for reading!

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How Do I Contact My Spirit Guide?

How do I contact my spirit guide?

Hello, dear reader! Welcome to a special edition of Order In Discord. For today’s post we’re gonna get a little spiritual and ask the question how do I contact my spirit guide? I don’t know where you’re at spiritually, but something that was very important to me while just starting off was doing just that.

I had no idea how to go about contacting my guide, but I knew I needed to do so. Finding this guide became a mission of mine. I knew that finding him/her/them would help me progress substantially, but the method of finding my guide was still a mystery.

The Breakthrough

Upon doing some research, I learned that I could contact my guide through something called automatic writing. Searching through the work of Gabby Bernstein was a breakthrough. It taught me that meditation and then writing down anything I receive was an excellent way to start.

She provided a guided meditation along with the article I found, but it turned out that I didn’t need it. I sat on the couch upright and asked a simple question in my mind: “Hi, spirit guide, can you talk to me?”

First Contact

My spirit guide’s first official transmission came first in images and flashes. I had received similar guidance before (a longer story for another day), so it felt like settling in at home. Then came the hard work – translating what I received into actual words. It got easier as the message went on. By the time the message ended, I had six pages of text that I’m still trying to figure out to this day, it was so rich and layered.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How can this possibly be workable in my own life?” Well, dear reader, let me tell you five ways that you can talk to your spirit guide whenever you want. No, seriously, that’s the cool thing about guides, they’re always with you, whether you know them or not.

So how do I contact my guide?

First, ask! Ask for them to be there. Ask them questions and ask for signs that they’re replying. Even if you don’t hear or feel anything, start looking for signs in the world around you, like finding lucky pennies or the color green in many places. That’s your guide!

Second, remember your language. I’m not talking about your spoken language. Remember the often-discussed 5 love languages? It’s kind of like that – everyone has a different spiritual language because of each of us are different. What are your hobbies? What’s your favorite activity? How do you feel connected to the spiritual realm already? Do those activities and you might just hear from your guide!

Third, hone your “spidey senses”. Ever since I was young, my intuition has been very strong. In hindsight, I firmly believe that that was my guide reaching out. I’ve been able to tell when situations and people are questionable. Yeah, but how do I contact my spirit guide in this way, you may be asking? The answer is that you guide may be trying to reach out to you via your intuition or your gut instinct. Get in touch with this instinct. Set boundaries, get out of situations that scare you unnecessarily, listen to people you trust and go with your gut! If it’s true intuition, it will not steer you wrong.

Fourth, give thanks. Like most other sentient beings, your guide enjoys being thanked when they do a good job. Make note of things in your life that you appreciate and tell your guide! Gratitude also brings more things to be thankful for. It’s a cycle, so get your guide involved!

Fifth, talk early and often! Your guide wants to hear from you! I love talking to my guide via writing or while cooking. As a newbie witch, I love hearing from my guides and they help me set intentions while I make food or bake cookies. They will take you to new heights!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay cool!



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I’m what the kids call a crazy kitchen witch. I love to cook, share recipes, and talk about spiritual things. I am very new to the term “witch”, so bear with me as I figure stuff out! Everyone practices differently, so I’m trying to find what suits me. I’m leaning towards herbal and food magic. You’ll find me on my computer blogging, talking to my friends, in the kitchen making food or tea, or doing my thing on Pinterest! I’m building a witchy compendium of goodness there and I’m quite pleased with it. Follow me!

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