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Intuition, Empathy, and Synesthesia In Cooking

Hello, fine friends! Welcome back to the blog! Today I have some cool things to discuss – intuition, empathy, my synesthesia, and how they relate to my path of life and the route I want to take with my craft.

I realized awhile back that I follow my intuition a lot while I’m cooking, sometimes more than I follow the recipe! For example, sometimes a dish is in progress and I taste it. I figure out from the flavor that it needs something like garlic, so I add what’s almost always the right amount of garlic.

It’s kind of weird, but it makes for delicious food. Another weird thing is that every dish I make has its own personality. Some foods are more finicky and needy than others, but I’m almost always able to empathize with them in a way. I realized this as I was cooking a scramble last night. I somehow intuitively know what to do to make it taste good.

Intuition at it finest!
The scramble!

Intuition In The Kitchen

I’m a better cook than baker and tea maker, but I enjoy doing all three. This could perhaps be because I don’t have a ton of practice with the tea yet and I don’t have the best audience for baked goods. My husband and housemates are a tough crowd for cookies and the like, but they are far more receptive when I cook dinner.

I am strongly intuitive as a general rule, and that can be frustrating when things don’t come as easily to me as breathing. I have a tendency to quit on activities when the going gets rough or it starts to get difficult. This is a dumb thing to do, I’m aware. It’s one of my spiritual assignments for that reason. Cooking, however, is one of the most meditative activities I can do regardless of how it turns out. There’s something special and almost artistic about cooking a big meal. So where does empathy come in?

Empathy and Cooking, What??

I’m an empath, many people have said. I feel what others are feeling. That can be very good or very bad, depending on the strength of the emotion that isn’t mine. Listening to people talk about things that have happened to them affects me the most. It’s like someone sticks me inside of the memory and I can’t get out, even after the discussion is over. I also struggle with picking up most social cues and have trained myself to function socially by going into situations assuming that everyone feels negatively towards me. That is kind of a backwards way of doing things, but it’s worked in a twisted sort of way for years. Empathy is my saving grace in social situations because I can pick up when something is off with people and act accordingly.

With food, however, it’s a combination of empathy, intuition, and even synesthesia, to some extent. If I’m able to understand what I’m cooking, I can understand what it wants, so to speak, just like I can with a person. The flavors take on shapes, too, which is very helpful. A lot of witchcraft resources talk about casting spells or setting intentions while you cook, but I often forget to do that. For me, the act of cooking is magical. I feel connected to what I make spiritually, whether it takes two hours or ten minutes to make. It’s one of my favorite activities.

Putting Everything Together

How do these gifts relate to my craft? The short answer is, they’re everything to me. All of them are blessings and curses. When they unite in cooking, however, they are great allies to have. Flavors get translated the same way as music does in my mind – in structure, shape, and color. This is incredibly helpful because it helps determine what flavors I like and how well they match. Intuition tells me where to go and empathy tells me what to do while I’m getting there.

I think it’s so important to have empathy and intuition when working with anything magical. You don’t have to be casting grandiose spells, in my opinion. You can if you want to, but I don’t think it’s mandatory. I like what Marie Kondo has to say. To paraphrase: if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it. Intuition and empathy in my craft are, however, indispensable.

Thank you for reading! Stay cool!


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What Do Songs Look Like? Let’s See!

Hi, friends! I have been thinking a lot about art. Painting, as I said in my last post, is one of my favorite ways to express myself. I don’t do it often enough, though, and that’s upsetting. It takes a lot out of me to paint sometimes. This is because I know what songs look like (to me). It’s kind of a magick power.

My mind does this weird thing where I see sound as shapes and sometimes colors. I’m unsure if it qualifies as synesthesia because my color associations are more rare. Flavors also take the form of shapes for me, though to a lesser extent. Savory flavors are round, almost like a bowl turned upside down or the Bean sculpture in Chicago.

I like to think of my possible synesthesia as something like this scene from Disney’s Ratatouille.

This is so similar to how I experience sounds and flavors that I want to learn how to animate just so I can convey what I perceive. This itself is magick. I love making art and food just so I can even attempt to convey how the sounds and flavors look. I fall short many times when painting because what I perceive moves and I don’t yet know how to animate it, but what I make is really cool. There are going to be a few YouTube links to songs in here, be warned. This is “Love Comes Tumbling”, the first song I ever painted. The painting follows.

What do songs look like? Two examples -“Love Comes Tumbling” and “Paper Trails”

Love Comes Tumbling”, the song.
“Love Comes Tumbling”, the painting.

I saw most of the song as those circles because this song seemed to spin and loop. I am pretty happy with this one, but others get more complex. This is why I would love to learn to animate. There’s another song I painted that I love. This is “Paper Trails” by Darkside.

“Paper Trails” the song.

A painting of "Paper Trails" by Darkside. I can see what this song looks like.
“Paper Trails” the painting.

I often get the shapes of the songs I paint right, but it takes several times to get the colors right. I could have gone with a darker background with “Paper Trails”, but I like the color choice as a whole. So what goes into painting a song?

The Act Of Painting

So what does the act of creating song art look like? I decided to paint “Polymorphing” by Chairlift because that’s been my jam lately. It took me about 15 minutes to paint what you see in this video before it stopped recording. Also, it’s not true to color because I had my night settings on. It was only 7:45 AM when I started painting. I paint on a program called Autodesk Sketchbook on my phone because my phone is the most high-tech product I have. It’s also the most true to color.

You’ll see me restarting the song over and over in the video. I want to get an accurate feel for it.

The “Polymorphing” video.
Completed painting.

I think the human mind is magical. I see what songs look like. You may be excellent in math. We all have things we’re good at. I used to think my mind was nothing special because my art and music skills come naturally. It took people saying “how do you do that?!” in order for me to realize I was special. We are all special. You may be able to do gymnastics, you may be able to paint realistically. You may be an excellent public speaker. We are all special. We are all magical. How do you make magick?

Stay cool!

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