Self Care Saturday!

Hello, all!

What do you do for self care? Maybe you’re good at it, maybe you’re bad at it (like me), or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Me, I’m still learning about how to care for myself. I only accepted and discovered happiness earlier in this year and have been slowly learning how to NOT treat myself. These things to NOT do include beating myself up when I make a mistake, engaging in self sabotaging behaviors, and holding grudges against others. But what about self care?  I can just not mistreat myself all day, but what about honoring who I am as a human being? What about honoring accomplishments? What about giving myself breaks when I’ve had enough? I’m not quite there yet. 

I do, however, have some things I do enjoy doing to care for myself. 

The biggest one is to actually get up and do something. I have the opposite problem of many others I’ve heard and met – I’m not too busy, I’m not busy enough. Building huge to-do lists and checking the items off one by one gives me great satisfaction and helps keep me very happy and satisfied with my life. 

One such list.

I’m hesitant to call myself DEPRESSED because I’m usually able to bounce back after a bit, but there are times when I battle something I call the Deep Sad, and keeping myself occupied is one of the best ways to fight the Deep Sad. 

Blogging falls under this category, but blogging isn’t everything quite yet. I like to clean when I get frustrated and bake when I’m bored. I’ve found that when I plink on my computer all day I fall into the Deep Sad, especially if I’m trawling social media for hours on end.  Pinterest  is an exception because it’s more of a search engine/curation tool, but too much of it can still make me sad. I know bloggers are supposed to be active on their socials. For me, though, Facebook is the ultimate key to the Deep Sad kingdom, and Instagram is only slightly better. I’m beyond thankful for the amazing Facebook groups I’m in and for Messenger, but other than that, I don’t like to take part in it all that much. 

My favorite Instapicture of mine.

I am beginning to enjoy Instagram now that I’m not trying to get somebody to buy something and just having fun. I’m becoming active in the Kitchen Witch Niche and having a blast with it. Going around and interacting with other witches and magick enthusiasts makes my day, but too much of a good thing does lead back to sadness. I have to be careful. Social media 24/7 doesn’t equal keeping occupied most of the time. 

Next up is exercise. THAT dirty word. I’m not good at doing it regularly yet because [insert lame excuse here], but I will get better because that really helped me get my head clear. I like to get up and dance if nothing else. Pair that with eating right in moderation and I can drop 10 pounds in two weeks from losing water weight. I need to do THAT again. I felt amazing. 

Another good thing to I like to do is to talk to my spirit guides and do spiritual things. Even if I don’t get an answer, it’s still good to engage my soul early and often. I’m not a traditional Christian, but I do enjoy the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament and it’s good to revisit them every now and then. The book of James (also in the New Testament) is one of the most beautiful and challenging spiritual works I have ever come across and is one of my guidebooks for seeking wisdom. I also enjoy reading about Buddhism and studying history to learn how religions and schools of thought spread and worked. 

Like I mentioned in  yesterday’s post , learning is also important to me. Trying new food, making something cool, learning a new song, all of these stimulate my mind and often my creative side. The creative side of keeping occupied is also incredibly important to me. I’m getting a mandolin soon (my first*) and I look forward to learning with him. I don’t plan on performing anytime soon. I want to see what kinds of sounds I can coax out of him.

The mandolin in question.

Finally, if I’m super down and nothing else helps, I take a bath and listen to music. Baths soothe my anxiety, especially when I put something that smells good in them. I love my essential oils. Music in general is my constant companion. I’m listening to “Happiness is Easy” by Talk Talk right now. Turning on a good song and rocking out is very soothing to me. 

Before I take my leave of y’all for the day, I want to share a very excellent self care tea with you. Mix equal parts chamomile and jasmine flowers and let them steep. The resulting tea is so good!

Stay cool!



  1. Oooh I love self care! I’ve definitely found my “things” which help – Yoga, watching a TV show, having a bath or some chocolate! x

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