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Card Readings and Reconnecting With Guides

Hello, friends! I finally rejoined my favorite Discord server after about a month’s absence and started getting caught up again. I went over to the Divination section where someone was doing oracle readings. I asked the reader why my guides leave when I get sad. The things that stick out the most from this conversation I had with the other people on the server were:

  • The guides aren’t going anywhere, I could be pushing them away
  • Communication with any being is a two-way street
  • It’s a process to learn to communicate with them because they’re always there when I need them, it’s just me coming and going. 

Then someone said something that blew my mind a little bit. They use their oracle cards to ask questions they would normally ask their guides. Before today, I hadn’t read my cards in about a month, nor had I spoken to my guides in almost that same amount of time. My guides seem to go away when I get sad. It seemed like they were some sort of fair-weather friends, but it’s really a problem on my end, I think. I don’t listen to their guidance when I’m sad because they’re often trying to encourage me. When I’m in that dark place, I don’t think I deserve encouragement. I start to think that their guidance is all lies. It turns out, though, that I’m the one lying to myself.

Lying To Myself

I told my husband last night that I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve to be happy, and he was utterly appalled. I don’t quite remember his exact words, but he said something like, “don’t let anything convince you you don’t deserve to be happy. The world is dreary enough as it is without feeling you don’t deserve happiness.” I agree with him. I’ve spent a very long time thinking that I don’t deserve happiness, and that’s a lie. I’m my own worst enemy. This has caused my guides to back off a lot, or me to back away from them. As stated before, they seem like liars when I’m hating myself, and that’s unfair to everyone involved. 

As a human being, I deserve happiness when it comes. I’ve given myself enough crap for being happy. It does more harm than good. My happiness looks different than others’. I think it’s because I’m happy while people around me are upset/sad/angry at times and I feel like I should join them so as to not incur their wrath upon me. I believed that I didn’t deserve it because those around me were having a hard time and that I should feel guilty about being happy because I wasn’t doing as many hard things as them. I felt like I should be doing more hard things in my life. Because of that, I believed wholeheartedly that I didn’t deserve happiness. 

Deserving Happiness

I still think I should be doing more hard things, but tricking myself into believing that I don’t deserve happiness is completely harmful and disruptive to the process of learning to do these hard things! What is there to work for if I tell myself I don’t deserve to be happy? What’s the point if all I deserve is sorrow? Isn’t there more to life than despair? Don’t joy and sorrow go hand in hand? Missing out on one or the other is missing out on the full range of emotions and killing off a crucial part of the human existence. Happiness is something we all deserve. It’s part of life. 

With that knowledge, I got out my deck of handmade oracle cards and drew three of them – the Atrium, the Deity, and the Ideal. I don’t know if I have ever discussed the oracle deck here, so I’ll do so now. 

My Oracle Deck

My Oracle deck isn’t Tarot, though it works in a similar way. Each of the cards has a meaning. When combined with other cards, their meanings take on new depths. Some combinations are harder to discern than others, but they almost always make sense in the end. I came up with the symbols one night at 2 AM when I was strangely awake. 

The Atrium, the Deity, and the Ideal

The cards in this sequence are the Atrium, the Deity, and the Ideal. I did this reading to try and learn more about a guide who recently showed up to help me with cooking, so as I pulled the cards, I asked them about the nature of this guide. My answer was something like this:

The Atrium represents upward growth. It’s a card of light and hope. Pulling this card means the promise of progress, of a new path, especially when paired with the Ideal, another card of looking up, of hope, of light. The Ideal means that there are high hopes to be had. There’s also an air of new beginnings here, which really stuck out to me considering the discussion of happiness I’ve been having.  Finally, there’s the Deity, which represents long-sight, thinking long-term or eternally, and patience. 

The New Guide

Within the context of this question and the answer the cards gave, I would venture to say that this new kitchen guide is very wise and patient, able to see things I cannot. I think they’re there to help me be happy long-term, not just as I’m hurling insults at the dishes I’m cleaning or cooking something tasty. 

I think they’re also someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of while I’m doing kitchen-type things. I’ve needed somebody like that for a little bit. I think they’re very old, as well. They’ve been around the block a time or two at this point. I think they’re here to teach me how to be a happier person. 

The thing is, I’m sure they’ve been here for longer than I’ve given them credit for because I have felt intuitively guided towards certain ingredients. Somehow I know exactly how much of each ingredient to put in the dishes I make, too. 

I don’t think my guides have left. I think they’re very much alive and well, I’ve just been caught in a self destructive cycle where I haven’t been able to hear what they have to say. I’m coming out of it and learning more about my guides at the same time. 

Thank you for reading!


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Valerian – The Taste Of Stubbornness

Dear friends, we are gathered here today to discuss something important. The topic at hand is a very potent herb. This herb also happens to smell and taste how stubbornness would if it were possible to smell or taste it. I have gathered you here today to discuss my love hate relationship with the herb valerian.

All the valerian in a single place.
All the valerian in a single place.

I heard about valerian many years ago. The circumstances escape me, but I know that I liked it from the first time I heard about it. I always imagined it to be tasty, something like thyme or basil. It turns out that I didn’t know much about that herb at all because I learned that a.) you don’t use the leaves for tea, you use the roots and b.) the roots DO NOT taste like thyme or basil. Valerian is in a league all its own.

A Bit About Valerian

Valerian’s latin name is Valeriana officinalis. There are many different species in valerian’s plant family, but V. officinalis is the one that is most commonly used. As previously discussed, the root is the part of the plant that is used the most. It’s been used as a sleep aid since Ancient Greek times, where Hippocrates documented its use. It’s native to Europe and Asia, but can also be grown in the Americas. I got this information here

It’s also a jerk. 

A Lingering Taste In My Mouth

You might be wondering why I have been referring to valerian as a jerk. The short answer is because it tastes bitter. The longer answer is a rant. Brace yourselves, friends. 

I mentioned before that I thought valerian would taste like other herbs. I was in for a rude awakening. When I went to the herb store the other day, I asked to smell valerian. The owner let me smell some. I knew from that point forward that we were gonna have a good, old fashioned love-hate relationship. I took some home and brewed it up along with some very pleasant other herbs like lemongrass, jasmine, chamomile, honeysuckle, etc. to make a sleepytime tea. When I drank the tea, the result was rather odd. 

If I had to describe it visually, it’d look something like: 

jasmine+chamomile..bitterbitterbitterbitter…VALERIAN…smooth, sweet finish. I would have been fine with that had the bitter taste of valerian not LINGERED in my MOUTH. To make matters worse, the valerian taste built up on my tongue. I was displeased. 

All this being said, valerian did its job. I was out cold for the whole night. I had some weird dreams, but they weren’t bad and the night was uneventful otherwise. 

The Taste Of Stubbornness

I love valerian for what it can do. I’m working on incorporating it into blends. Last night’s blend was a party in a cup and valerian was invited. It also knocked me the heck out again, which was super nice. 

I call it the taste of stubbornness because valerian will have its way in a blend. I’m scared to try it on its own because of what happened the other night with the flavor sticking out like a sore thumb. That being said, I used cinnamon last night to balance it out. It worked! I added the valerian first and added everything else to match its intensity. 

This same tactic also works with other bitter herbs like vervain and agrimony. Add them first, I’ve found,then blend the other ingredients to match. 

Tea blending is fun, friends! Are there are any blends you want me to try? I have more rooibos than I know what to do with..

Thank you for reading!


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Frankenstein’s Sleepytime Tea: A Blend of Blends

Hello, friends! In today’s post we’re returning to the kitchen to talk about a very important tea blend I have crafted. I call it Frankenstein’s Sleepytime Tea. I gave it that name because it’s a tea blend made up of other blends. Side note: Victor Frankenstein and his monster might have encountered the herbs in the tea! I’ll post links to get the herbs in the blend at the end. Without further ado, here’s the story.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase using one of these links, I make a commission from the sale at no extra cost to you.

The Beginning: A Crazy Idea

Like almost all good stories, our tea story begins with someone having a crazy idea. In this story’s case, the person who had the idea was me. My husband wanted me to drink chamomile tea to try and get my body to calm down during an allergic reaction. Being the crazy one that I am, I added more things to the chamomile that sounded good based off of the research I did for my chamomile post. Suffice it so say that my husband was displeased with this venture, but it did help me feel better. Here’s how it happened.

The Process: Making The Sleepytime Tea

I had a handful of tea blends in bags sitting around, plus a bag of lavender. I knew that lavender blended well with chamomile, so I popped some lavender in a jar, ripped open several K-cups and tea bags filled with chamomile, then added an echinacea blend. Echinacea is an immune booster. It could help, I thought. The blend also contained lemongrass and spearmint. Lemongrass and spearmint also popped up in another blend, so that blend went into the jar. It also contained marshmallow root, which helps with sore throats. Again, I figured it would help, so it went in. I added a bag of peppermint tea, which made it smell heavenly. Then I brewed up a batch.

Sleepytime Tea brewing.
The brewing tea.

It was absolutely delicious. I did end up feeling better and the tea was very calming. I want to recreate this blend on a larger scale, so I asked my husband what he would do if he found a small barrel filled with several pounds of the tea inside on the countertop. His response was not the most positive thing ever.

I’ve picked out the herbs from Starwest Botanicals. They come in one pound bags. I recommend getting the bulk bags because you have more to experiment with later.
Marshmallow root
Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea angustifolia

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Are The Things I Do Worthwhile?

Are the things I do worthwhile?

Hey, all. Lately I’ve been asking myself, “are the things I do worthwhile?” because I’ve been getting caught up in a spiral where I berate myself for making tiny mistakes and tell myself that I can’t do anything right. That’s untrue, of course – I can write, I can sing, I can make art, I can cook…but will those ever get me anywhere? Are these activities even worth pursuing? I ask this because I currently don’t have steady work.

I’m a history tutor, but it’s a numbers game there and I only really make steady money when people are panicking about their grades. Meanwhile, those around me have steady work, are making money, and are achieving more goals than me. This is mostly my fault. I was fine with this state up until about a month ago, but now I’m not and I feel awful. As a result, I feel like I have nothing to offer the universe at present and that what I currently do doesn’t matter.

Feelings Aren’t Facts

It’s kind of a downward spiral.

The things I do do matter, of course, but it doesn’t feel like they do. It’s time to make an important point here: feelings aren’t facts. A wise therapist taught me that many year ago and I try to remember it. Most times I forget. When I remember, however, things are better. There is a definite disconnect between feeling and fact here. I do things that matter. My writing matters. My music matters.

I realized last night that I feel guilty about pursuing things I love because I feel that I don’t deserve them. That’s another thing that’s not true. Feelings aren’t facts. I feel like all of my energy should be devoted to looking for work, not writing posts or checking stats or even playing instruments. That’s not true. Of course I should keep searching and searching hard, but I do deserve to enjoy life and do things I love. So what does this mean in practice?

Time, Patience, and Balance

If I give it time and patience, I will see my creative work pay off. I need to be consistent with it, as well. If I drop off the face of the Earth for weeks at a time, it will take longer to be successful. It’s patience that is the hard part. I’m flat-out afraid that nothing I do will pay off, that I’ll be stuck here forever. Something I need to remember is that nothing lasts forever. Nothing bad can exist without something good and vice versa – when discomfort or outright suffering happens, something good will come of it. I need to do something important, though.

Tea helps me calm down.

This is a dirty word for me – I need to find balance. That’s a dirty word for me because I have no idea how to do it most days. Making my lists helps, but sometimes that leads to me spending hours playing Athena (my bass) with a slide and then there goes any semblance of time management. I’m thankful for my husband for providing me with the slide, but practicing my instruments is so engaging that I forget that time is a thing. It’s bad. It’s definitely something to work on.

The simple answer is yes, the things I do are worthwhile. The slightly longer answer is that yes, but I need to find balance and be patient with everything. You might be thinking now, “yeah, this is is great and all, but how in the world does this apply to me? Are the things I do worthwhile?”

Are The Things You Do Worthwhile? How Do You Find Balance?

Yes. Anything good you do is worthwhile. Just keep at it. Your efforts and experiences are sacred and you should hold onto those and celebrate your victories. Celebrate them even if they are small. Regarding how you find your own balance, you can use my tips above. It might be different for you, and that’s okay! Many people recommend mindfulness, but mindfulness makes my anxiety worse. I begin to see everything around me instead of feeling grounded. It may work for you!

I often set intentions consciously or unconsciously while I make tea.

Another favorite activity of mine is setting intentions while I work, especially while I’m cleaning or cooking. I personally think of intentions like making wishes. If you put belief behind those wishes, they will come true. They’re especially powerful with I statements, like saying I am powerful or I attract money or I attract good things to my life. You can do the same things for your house or an object, like I will find my wedding ring or May I find my wedding ring. You can attract balance into your life by saying something similar.

What helps you with your self worth? Do you think the things you do are worthwhile? Let me know in the comments!

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My Rest A Stone


The first white stone.

Hello, all!

I’ve spoken briefly before about my Mormon background. I was a member of the Mormon (Latter-Day Saint) church for six years. I joined when I was 14 and loved it for a time. As I got older, though, more and more questions went unanswered, and following a spiritual warning, I left. Some things from church still follow me, and some of them are hymns. The title of this post, “My Rest a Stone”, comes from one of my all-time favorite hymns that we sang in church often. The line comes from the second verse:

Though like the wanderer, the sun gone down, Darkness be over me, my rest a stone; Yet in my dreams I’d be nearer, my God, to Thee, Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee!

“Nearer, my god, to Thee”, Sarah Flower Adams

This song never failed to make me cry when we sang it in church. I still enjoy it even though my beliefs have changed. I love this song because the imagery is beautiful. I’m still not sure why this song makes me cry. I believe that it’s tied to something spiritual. Today I want to use it to tell a story and to talk about something important. It goes like this.

Our story begins in about March of 2016. I was at a therapist appointment in Annapolis, Maryland. My dad had died in February and I was part of the way through my freshman year of college and I was broken. My therapist and I were talking about doing what we can and only that. She had me lay down and think about that and asked me at the end if I could find a symbol that I could use to remember that. I chose a white stone. The white stone would be my symbol of resting when necessary and doing what I can.

As my beliefs went away from the traditional Mormon mold, one thing remained constant – my need for that white stone. I wanted to get a white stone tattoo, I thought about it often for many years. A white stone even made it into my handmade oracle deck along with a black stone. My friend and I were walking along a lake yesterday and I noticed a pretty white stone among the other stones. I snatched it up. It’s the stone that graces the top of this post.

As we were walking back, my friend picked up another white stone.


The second white stone.


The black stone.

It’s more of a pure white than the other one, which is striped. Further up the trail, I picked up a smooth grayish-black stone.


The stripes in the first white stone.

I liked it because of its shape and texture. It was then that I realized that there was more than one white stone, just as there are always multiple reminders to complete spiritual assignments such as learning to move and learning to rest. I’ve been given several spiritual assignments and I’m not super great at doing them. I don’t show up for myself a lot, but I think that will change. In my oracle deck, the White Stone symbolizes good luck, finding what you need, and that the universe is listening. The Black Stone symbolizes the coming of truth, cleaning house, and the cycle of pain and then joy. You can’t have pain without joy, just like you can’t have joy without pain. That’s something I try to always remember. I find it interesting that the first white stone has black stripes in it.

I still need to cleanse these stones and put them someplace nice. I want to put them in the kitchen somewhere. They need to have a place of honor and I need to remember to do what I can. A lot of the time, “doing what I can” means pushing myself more. I can do a lot more than I think I can most days.

Here’s my to do list for today. It looks like a lot, but I break big tasks up into tiny ones for satisfaction’s sake. I don’t know what’s cooking today! I’ll definitely put some tea on and take notes on it. Once I get this done, I’ll rest! I also need to exercise today..

Stay cool!


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How Do I Contact My Spirit Guide?

How do I contact my spirit guide?

Hello, dear reader! Welcome to a special edition of Order In Discord. For today’s post we’re gonna get a little spiritual and ask the question how do I contact my spirit guide? I don’t know where you’re at spiritually, but something that was very important to me while just starting off was doing just that.

I had no idea how to go about contacting my guide, but I knew I needed to do so. Finding this guide became a mission of mine. I knew that finding him/her/them would help me progress substantially, but the method of finding my guide was still a mystery.

The Breakthrough

Upon doing some research, I learned that I could contact my guide through something called automatic writing. Searching through the work of Gabby Bernstein was a breakthrough. It taught me that meditation and then writing down anything I receive was an excellent way to start.

She provided a guided meditation along with the article I found, but it turned out that I didn’t need it. I sat on the couch upright and asked a simple question in my mind: “Hi, spirit guide, can you talk to me?”

First Contact

My spirit guide’s first official transmission came first in images and flashes. I had received similar guidance before (a longer story for another day), so it felt like settling in at home. Then came the hard work – translating what I received into actual words. It got easier as the message went on. By the time the message ended, I had six pages of text that I’m still trying to figure out to this day, it was so rich and layered.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How can this possibly be workable in my own life?” Well, dear reader, let me tell you five ways that you can talk to your spirit guide whenever you want. No, seriously, that’s the cool thing about guides, they’re always with you, whether you know them or not.

So how do I contact my guide?

First, ask! Ask for them to be there. Ask them questions and ask for signs that they’re replying. Even if you don’t hear or feel anything, start looking for signs in the world around you, like finding lucky pennies or the color green in many places. That’s your guide!

Second, remember your language. I’m not talking about your spoken language. Remember the often-discussed 5 love languages? It’s kind of like that – everyone has a different spiritual language because of each of us are different. What are your hobbies? What’s your favorite activity? How do you feel connected to the spiritual realm already? Do those activities and you might just hear from your guide!

Third, hone your “spidey senses”. Ever since I was young, my intuition has been very strong. In hindsight, I firmly believe that that was my guide reaching out. I’ve been able to tell when situations and people are questionable. Yeah, but how do I contact my spirit guide in this way, you may be asking? The answer is that you guide may be trying to reach out to you via your intuition or your gut instinct. Get in touch with this instinct. Set boundaries, get out of situations that scare you unnecessarily, listen to people you trust and go with your gut! If it’s true intuition, it will not steer you wrong.

Fourth, give thanks. Like most other sentient beings, your guide enjoys being thanked when they do a good job. Make note of things in your life that you appreciate and tell your guide! Gratitude also brings more things to be thankful for. It’s a cycle, so get your guide involved!

Fifth, talk early and often! Your guide wants to hear from you! I love talking to my guide via writing or while cooking. As a newbie witch, I love hearing from my guides and they help me set intentions while I make food or bake cookies. They will take you to new heights!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay cool!


October 1st, parts 1 and 2

Happy October 1st, friends!

It always seems like there’s a bad day before a good day happens. 2 October was a bad anniversary for me for many years, and I thank the Divine that I have mostly forgotten what that was all about. That’s a good feeling, a very good feeling, indeed…

Anywho, what’s up in the kitchen today? Good question. I want to talk about something I’m also awful at – keeping my spaces clean. But seeing as it’s the start of the witchiest month of the year, I am going to do a lot of cleaning and cleansing today. I don’t plan on cooking anything special today, but I will share a recipe at the end that’s magical by itself alone.

I will share three things about cleaning with you – my cleaning past, my cleaning present, and my cleaning future.

The Past

In the past, I fought anyone who tried to make me clean up. I viewed it as a terrible waste of time because it would just inevitably get messy again. So I would always drag my feet and complain about cleaning. It was nothing but a horrible chore to me, and I hated it. I took no pride in my work, no satisfaction in the end result. My work and my attitude were awful. Then I learned something.

When I threw myself into housework while very sad, my life got better. I started to take pride in my work and have satisfaction when I did well. I made my own cleaning spray the way my mom taught me, and I got very good at cleaning. Then I got sick.

The Present

After I got sick, it got harder to clean and while my housemates took over, I still felt really bad about leaving a mess. I stopped making my special to do lists at that point and lost a lot of focus and vision for my life. I’ve known for a long time that working on something – anything – is one of my best ways of doing self care. After learning about witchcraft and the importance of having a clean space, I want to get back into cleaning up because the kitchen is a mess and it’s driving me nuts. So that brings us to:

The Future

As I get better at cleaning again, I know my mind will become more orderly, as well, and I’ll feel better about life. When my husband and I get our own place someday, I want to keep it immaculate and do things like dry herbs in there from a possible herb garden. I think it will be easier to keep clean because it would be two people’s (read: my) messes instead of four people’s. That’s my plan.

Now, enjoy the famous spray my mother taught me how to make.

Mom's Countertop Spray

You will need:
Spray bottle
1 part vinegar
1 part water
10-20 drops essential oil of your choice

To make:
We have a 1:1 ratio of vinegar to water,
so fill up the spray bottle with both ingredients
and drop the essential oils in. Shake well and use.

Note: DO NOT use on wood.

The spray will damage it.

Have a good day! Stay cool!


A few hours later….


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 71170367_2102810203360265_1043738410830790656_n.jpg

The kitchen is clean, the sink has been rinsed out,

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 71258119_449999332535725_5366790798627045376_n.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 71152958_2339847876233038_5429800013263798272_n.jpg

and the tea shelves have been decluttered.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 72048650_395095217823852_8665781004322996224_n.jpg
My immune booster tea.

I didn’t intend to clean the shelves, I just got very frustrated that I couldn’t run like I wanted to and it just kinda happened. I was also procrastinating going to the store, and my husband said I should procrastinate like that more often. I guess I can, but it’s a special kind of procrastination that combines the desire for physical activity and change in environment with the desire to be productive and NOT go outside on a rainy day. I was not happy about today’s rain. It’s cleared up for now, but it was still wet and the ground was covered in puddles when I managed to finally go outside. Pretty, but not fun to walk around in. I did my thing and am back home slamming immune booster tea because I wonder if I am getting sick. I am probably just being a hypochondriac. That’s life.


In case you’re wondering what my immune booster tea is, it’s two bags of Traditional Medicinals Immune Booster echinacea tea plus one bag of chamomile tea. It should have a nice calming effect.


Now you might be wondering what that has to do with witchcraft!


From everything I’ve read, every witch practices differently and you don’t have to practice in the same way anyone else does. I’m not big on banishing negative energies aloud, but I do believe that by cleaning up my workspace, I am banishing the negative energy in my head, at least. If your environment is clean, your head is more likely to be clear….and you can make better food in safer conditions if you are cooking in a clean kitchen.


Remember, I am still awful at this, but we all have room for growth. The purpose of this blog is partially to hold me accountable, and I expect my readers to do just that. I want to continue to grow, not remain stagnant.


Also expect me to grow in my knowledge of herbs, spices, and oils.


Thanks for reading, and stay cool!




Hello, all!

I have had a large craving for herbs lately and I want to grow an herb garden. That’s one of my goals for when my husband and I have our own house. There are some things that need to be done before that can happen, though, but I look forward to it. Until then, I am building my Pinterest boards for how I want things to look at this moment in time.

Out of all the different kinds of Magick I am curious about, I’m drawn to kitchen witchcraft the most. (I believe I discussed this in my last post??). We all know that one person whose cooking seems to be magical. My Mimi may have been a secret kitchen witch – she made the best food I have ever had. I remember playing in her enormous herb garden when I was small. She made everything with love and care, regardless of who it was for or what the occasion was. I definitely think that there’s power in cooking food made with love and there’s also a power in food made with spite or anger. The mood in which you cook makes a difference.

The reason why I am drawn to kitchen witchcraft is because I love to cook, I love herbs, baking, and tea. Cooking is an act of meditation for me. Before I learned about my guides, I would just chill out and listen to music while I stirred pots, chopped veggies, and added ingredients. I know some people who get impatient while cooking, but for me it’s the art I’m most patient with. Now it will be a time to connect with my guides and meditate in that way. I also love making homemade tea and using essential oils. I confess that I’ve been doing essential oils wrong, though – I didn’t know carrier oil was a thing and that you were supposed to dilute the essential oils with the carrier oil!! Oh, jeez… I haven’t given any mixes to anyone else and thank goodness I haven’t developed a sensitivity to it or else I’d be toast. I do want to make a salve for joint pain for a friend who has gone through a lot and a tea for another friend who loves hibiscus. I want to grow hibiscus if we end up living someplace warm.

I love the idea of coffee Magick, as well. From all of my research, you can stir patterns in that mean something (like a sigil or another magical symbol), or infuse energies, or anything you want. I drink coffee every day and my husband loves it when I make him coffee, as well. I can cast a spell or set an intention on his coffee to possibly help him with stress and to give him energy and clarity.

Regarding spellwork, I am not a huge fan of rhyme and feel weird casting spells aloud, so I might just stick to infusing what I cook or brew with intentions and drawing sigils as I stir. I think that could be just as powerful as more formal witchcraft because it’s very personal. I have a lot of things I love to make that I can easily infuse with intentions. I might make shortbread today and infuse it with an intention that all who eat it can enjoy happiness this week.

May your cravings be satisfied!

Stay cool!


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